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Condensed Matter Physics Group

Professor Kostya Novoselov, FRS

Royal Society Research Fellow

Research theme: Graphene and other Two-Dimensional Materials

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Postal Address:
School of Physics & Astronomy,
University of Manchester,
Oxford Road,
Manchester M13 9PL

Factual Summary


2010 Nobel Prize for "groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene". Nobel lecture.

2008 European Research Council, Starting Grant "Physics and Applications of Graphene"

2006 Royal Society Research Fellowship "The scheme by The Royal Society (UK) aims to provide outstanding scientists, who should have the potential to become leaders in their chosen field, with the opportunity to build an independant research career"

2004 The Leverhulme Trust, Early Career Fellowship



Science 2004 and Nature 2005 Novoselov’s two papers in Science 2004 and Nature 2005 are the most cited papers on graphene and “have opened up a fast moving front”, ISI’s Essential Science IndicatorsSM. The Science paper has also been acknowledged as “one of the most cited recent papers in the field of Physics”, ISI citation index.

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