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PhD studentships

Postgraduate opportunities exist in most of the research areas in the Condensed Matter Physics group.


For international PhD applicants interested in GRAPHENE research:

If you meet the criteria specified below, please apply using our online system and e-mail a copy to the relevant academic staff. 


I. External PhD scholarship or self-funded

Good marks from a good university are required.


II. Candidates with exceptionally strong academic record and a proven research potential (e.g. published papers)

-        President's Doctoral Scholar Awards 

At least one place in graphene research will be available in February-March 2020 (deadline for applications to be confirmed by early February). Successful applicants must have an excellent academic record (course marks equivalent to UK 1st class Master’s or integrated Master’s degree and high class rankings); valid English test certificate; at least 2 research publications. For details see www.se.manchester.ac.uk/our-research/funding/.  


-    University-China Council Awards

Those are jointly funded by the University of Manchester and China Scholarship Council and for Chinese nationals only. Successful applicants must have excellent academic record  (course marks equivalent to UK 1st class Master’s or integrated Master’s degree and high class ranking), valid English test certificate and 1-2 research publications where you have made significant contributions. For details see www.se.manchester.ac.uk/our-research/funding/.

The internal deadline for the University-China applications is January 5th 2020. Several such awards are available in graphene research.  


Please apply using the relevant online forms. Unfortunately, our academic staff are unable to answer direct e-mail enquiries. 


We can NOT provide support letters for funding applications.



We welcome international academic visitors funded by their research agencies but visits cannot be shorter than 9 months and relevant postdoctoral experience is essential. 

We do not accept visiting or summer students.



From time to time we do have postdoc openings. They are always advertised on the university web pages or at www.jobs.ac.uk.



Find the list of current academic and research vacancies at the University of Manchester by following this link:

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